Meet Rosalia and Ailyn, they wear many hats such as being students, spiritual teachers, Nurse Practitioners, authors, speakers, expression of source and more. Transforming Lives through their platform Quantum Alchemist Master ™. Where they empower you to become your own master by looking within, with courses and guides that have served them in their own journey. 

Before they embarked on this path, they worked in the healthcare field as a Nurse Practitioners for many years. They also worked in real estate, corporate, owned several businesses but something was deeply missing. It took everything to fall apart in their life and hit the lowest lows to find the courage to seek a different way of living. It was through their own alchemical process that they gave birth to their soul business and are able to share their gifts with humanity.

They are both originally from Cuba, currently based in Miami, FL. Their passion is to teach and hold the space for others to tap into their true potential and go within, while learning and growing together. 

They aim to create an experience that encourages people to be themselves, and become their own masters and alchemists to love and accept themselves for who they are, and know that they are worthy as they are. Her intention is to support humanity in the ascension, awakening and expansion process, help them integrate and navigate these changes and assist people in finding purpose and clarity that is aligned with their soul by encouraging them to look within. 

For them it is about leading from the heart and making room for growth and change where we lead a good life, based on LOVE, health, abundance and authenticity, because ultimately that is our birthright! Let’s support each other on this journey, let's be active collaborators of creating our individual and collective reality. 

We are in this together, LOVE has already WON!

Therefore we set out to create easy, simple, straightforward and safe sessions and courses to assist others in remembering their own divine being, wisdom, and connection to source within, and supporting each other on the journey of awakening.

We are here to serve you and support you!

We give back to the community in many ways and form part of several non-profit organizations.
We provide pro-bono healing and coaching services.
We provide donation based events throughout the year.
We provide scholarships.
We provide FREE Workshops & Speaking Events with selected organizations.

You are also supporting our future vision to create several Quantum Alchemist Master Healing Centers around the world.