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We use an integrative approach using spirituality, our individual experience, perspectives, and tools that have served us in our journey.

We also believe in using a non-dogmatic approach: open to new and different ideas, and not claiming one universal truth especially in connection with religious beliefs but rather being open and welcoming to new ideas and perspectives allowing for growth, expansion, change, transmutation, and alchamising our own life while supporting each other along this beautiful journey. 

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We are an ALL inclusive community

Everyone is welcome, however we have zero tolerance for disrespect and bullying in our community. We believe healthy boundaries are an important part of our evolution, healing and working together as a community in a respectful manner.

Co-creation recognizes that we are not isolated beings but interconnected participants in the unfolding of the universe. We are co-creators with the divine intelligence that permeates all of creation with the fabric that makes up the entire universe. This understanding invites us to collaborate with the universe, aligning our intentions and actions with the greater good.

Co-creation involves surrendering the need for control and opening ourselves to divine guidance. It's about being in a state of flow, where we allow the universe to work through us, knowing that we are supported and guided every step of the way.

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Have you ever wondered if there's more to life than what meets the eye? Do you find yourself yearning for a deeper connection with the universe, hoping to tap into your true potential?

Well, my friend, you're not alone. Many of us seek to understand the mysteries of life and discover our role in shaping our own reality. Here we'll delve into the fascinating realm of co-creation, consciousness and the great awakening, where we will share with you how we unleashed our creative power and manifested the life of our dreams while going through the process of expansion and transformation (which is a continous one) and bringing awareness, balance and acceptance. 

Because we have been through similar struggles, we understand you and want to accompany you from a genuine place. We want clients that are aligned with us and ready to put in the work and take responsibility to be the alchemist of their own universe. 

We want for you to remember your divinity, your mastery, while you are healing, transforming and becoming the alchemist of your own life as fast and as safe as possible as you integrate all the changes into your everyday lives so you don’t go back to old habits, thoughts, patterns and decisions that are no longer serving you.

Our goal is not for you to find Nirvana or have you meditate for hours a day and write endless affirmations (I do love writing affirmations though).

The idea is to accompany and support each other in the awakening and integration process as you remember that you are the master and all knowledge and answers lie inside of you. We aim to inspire you to tap into that source, that spark, that consciousness and help you integrate the awakening process into your everyday life with actionable steps that can create long lasting changes and fulfillment while increasing your joy, consciousness and awareness.

After many contradicting experiences in our journeys, what resonated most with us was knowing and remembering our true self our point of origin the source of all creation, our spark of the divine within ourselves. Going within as we noted the outside world did not provide the answers we were looking for or true fulfillment and joy in our lives.

Once we did that then came finding and becoming aligned with our PURPOSE, MISSION and DIVINE PLAN being in ALIGNMENT, and with the integration process came finding BALANCE within the expansion and transformation process which is a daily choice we make with our thoughts, our emotions, our habits, and our actions. While keeping an open mind, being a student and remaining in the question to allow for new knowledge and possibilities to come forward and unfold.

We want to accompany and support you in your journey, you don't have to do it alone but we can not help you more than you want to help yourself…Are you ready to embark in a journey of self discovery?

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The decision and commitment to put in the work and take ownership to be the alchemist of your life and not the victim has to come from you.
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