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Yari | Licensed Mental Health Therapist w/Alternative Modalities

Mental Health Service
Facilitating the #Expansion of YOU
Through Spirituality, Mystery Teachings & Psychology
DM #letsgo & #step into More
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We Level Up offers Personal Development, Mental Health and Addiction Treatment services.

We're in the business of changing lives!!
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Gladys | Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT & More... 

Hi, my name is Gladys, I look forward to working with you, it is my greatest passion to assist others connect with their own divine self (higher-self) to find out why they are here, what is their missions and lessons... so as they move forward, they'll focus on what's really important.  
Through Spirituality, Mystery Teachings & Psychology

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Maestra y lectora de Registros Akáshicos
Organizadora de Encuentros de Lectores de Registros Akáshicos

•Maestra de Registros Akáshicos
•Lectora desde 2007
(Ex Maestra: Escuela Aletheia)
•Terapeuta en Regresión a Vidas pasadas
•Gemoterapia Flores Reiki
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👨🏾 Comprometido con el Despertar de la Humanidad
📘Club de los Milagros #UCDM
<Comunidad Crecimiento Paz Abundancia>

Creamos espacios de bienestar interior para colaboradores y líderes, a través de la meditación, mindfulness y workshops. Desde el autoconocimiento, la ciencia y la espiritualidad.

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Musical Creation Alchemist
Singer/Songwriter,Music Producer and Founder of Light Frequency Productions
Conecta conmigo 👇🏼


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Retreats for Taita Pedro


Hummingbird Church provides our participants with opportunities to recharge their body, mind, and soul with positive energy and reconnect with themselves.

We started with a solid foundation, and have only improved our offerings. We are confident that our traditional indigenous shaman, picturesque locations, first-class hosts, and committed community will inspire a life-changing experience.

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Mother Earth Spiritual Center

We are a healing center focused on providing personal and spiritual growth through sacred plant medicine ceremonies #ayahuasca #yage #huachuma #kambo
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